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I shall preface this blog post with another address to my town and its people: Victoria, you know how to party. For a (relatively) small city, there is no shortage of art and music in Victoria — e.g., last weekend’s Rifflandia Music Festival, during which artists such as The Funk Hunters, Zeds Dead, and Girl Talk emerged onto our stages, seized the city by its nerve endings, and shook it into a celebratory fervour.

Hayley Evans, Kim Jay, Style Raven
Hayley Evans, Kim Jay, Style Raven

Alien crop: Declared clothing | Hand cursor earrings: Marina Fini | Disco shorts: American Apparel | Arm cuff: Romwe | Sequin shoes: Spinns (Osaka, Japan) | Socks: Spinns (Osaka, Japan) | Snapback: Forever 21

Unable (unfortunately) to see the entire festival, I attended the Sunday at Royal Athletic Park. I arrived around noon, when the sun was high, grounds sparse, and energy still low. People were taking it easy, hanging around the periphery or in the cool shade of the tent. This is to be expected after a weekend-long celebration; the music festival experience is one that wavers between states of exhaustion and surges of near-transcendent energy, euphoria and organized chaos. By the time Keys N Krates played, however, there was a buzz in the air; bodies donning their colourful festival apparel pressed near the stage, allowing the deep bass throb to propel them into a dance party that would last until the end of the night.

Hayley Evans, Kim Jay, Style Raven

Hayley Evans, Kim Jay, Style Raven

Hayley Evans, Kim Jay, Style Raven

Decalred clothing, Hayley Evans, Kim Jay, Style Raven
Hayley Evans, Kim Jay, Style Raven

Now: the fashion. Fashion is an integral aspect of the festival experience because, well, it’s an opportunity to wear whatever you want, to signify that aspect of your identity that revels in music and art and people and fun. “Go all out” is Kim Jay’s advice for festival-wear; as part of that counter-cultural belief system that once fuelled the conception of the music festival, “fest fashion” is another way to shake conventions, explore your fantasies, be loud, and be self-expressive.

Hayley Evans model, Kim Jay photography, Style Raven, Marina Fini hand cursor earrings

Declared clothing, alien crop top, Hayley Evans, Kim Jay, Style Raven

Marina fini hand cursor earrings, Hayley Evans, Kim Jay photography, Style Raven

What I eventually went with was a ‘90s inspired rave-style outfit mixed with elements of our contemporary cyberculture (check out those earrings). I love the revival of ‘90s fashion that’s occurring, from grunge to goth to hip-hop-inspired clothing and club wear. I was too young in the ‘90s to enjoy these trends, so this outfit can’t be claimed as a symptom of nostalgia — but I am enjoying the opportunity to try these styles now. I also love how the alien head icon is coming back, as it’s a fitting symbol for all us oddball creatures walking around our delightfully strange festival world (the Roswell incident, the Rifflandia incident — get it)? The top is by Declared clothing, who make all sorts of colourful and cropped tees. These amazing hand cursor earrings are made by Marina Fini, who I featured in my first Inspiring Artists post. Marina lovingly makes all her jewelry by hand, and she’s a fascinating and talented artist to boot, so check out her Etsy page here!

The following photos were shot by a local photographer named Matthew Urquhart, who I had the pleasure of meeting through our mutual friend, my girl Kim Jay! Matthew took these awesome portraits of me, and I wanted to share them with you guys. You can check out his Tumblr page here for more great work:

1-Rifflandia 2014 - Matt Urquhart-17, Hayley Evans, Style Raven
2-Rifflandia 2014 - Matt Urquhart-19 Hayley Evans, Style Raven
Rifflandia 2014 - Matt Urquhart-14 Hayley Evans, Style Raven
Rifflandia 2014 - Matt Urquhart-13 Hayley Evans, Style Raven

And here are some pics Matthew took of Kim Jay!

Rifflandia 2014 - Matt Urquhart-25 Kim Jay

Rifflandia 2014 - Matt Urquhart-12 Kim Jay

I wanted to end this post with a taste of what Rifflandia was like, courtesy of Kim Jay’s epic festival shots, which capture the energy so well. Check out pics of the Girl Talk spectacle below, and you can see more of her Riff shots on her Tumblr! She also worked on her We Are Revellers festival portraiture project while at Rifflandia (which I’ll be featuring in an upcoming post), and I strongly encourage you to check that out here and on Instagram!

girl talk 5 Kim Jay Photography

girl talk 6 Kim Jay Photography

girl talk 1 Kim Jay Photography

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Till next time!
– Style Raven

Model and styling: Hayley Evans
Photography: Kim Jay Photography