Fellow West Coast dreamers, sunsets on Vancouver Island are intoxicating. Arrive over the crest of a hill, look to west, and you are filled with a sublime stillness. Gradually, long creeping shadows emerge from the bases of trees, rocks, and buildings, stippling the earth in cool darkness. This moment always seems suspended in time; […]

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Raven’s Notes: Inspiring Artists, pt. 1

In urban mythology, ravens have a reputation for digging around, hoarding any shiny and interesting objects they find. With the raven as my chosen style totem, I can connect to this folk legend, for as a fastidious lurker of independent designers and fashion bloggers around the internet, I have, over the years, done something […]

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Tie or Die

Victoria, you are a fashion blogger’s dream. You, with your seaside horizons, cavernous green forests, and myriad of painted and peeling walls — you make finding backdrops that reflect our cultural and environmental frameworks a cinch. It may have been 8:30 in the morning when Kim and I took these photos, but crop tops […]

Black Tide

You’ve reached land’s end. You’ve reached the end of a country, no less. There’s nothing left before you, save for the hazy edifices of the Olympic Mountains, and beyond them, the wide, dreamless face of the ocean. At Dallas road, the rocks glisten like obsidian fangs splattered with lichen. They plummet into azure depths, […]

☓☓ Hexed ☓☓

Grey dawns, oil on the tracks, dead grass shivering in the breeze: hexed with wanderlust, those of us who love to roam are always seeking novelty and mystery, eyes fixed on secret and unseen horizons. There is a certain romance to be experienced when wandering on the railroad tracks, as we trace our paths […]

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City Streets and Coastal Skies

This ensemble is from a shoot Kim and I did outside of Canoe Brewpub back in February. The sky was a muted grey, and the city smelt of chilled, wet asphalt. The Pacific Northwest gets a bad rap for being dark and wet in the winter, but I find there is a sedated, introspective […]

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Enter: Raven

Confession: I’ve eloped with the West Coast.  Having arrived from the Canadian interior (Ontario) in July 2012, I discovered there is something about this slice of earth that is immediate, breathless, energetic, ragged, wet. It is an edge, after all, a line of iconic rocks that bite into the belly of the Pacific abyss. […]