railroad fashion shoot, Hayley Evans, Kim Jay
Grey dawns, oil on the tracks, dead grass shivering in the breeze: hexed with wanderlust, those of us who love to roam are always seeking novelty and mystery, eyes fixed on secret and unseen horizons. There is a certain romance to be experienced when wandering on the railroad tracks, as we trace our paths across junctions and down narrow wooded corridors, feeling the spell of travel and the promise of a (perhaps undetermined) destination.

bowsdontcry denim jacket, Hayley Evans, Kim Jay

UNIF socks, Hayley Evans, Kim Jay

railroad fashion shoot, Hayley Evans, Kim Jay

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I wanted this outfit to be playful, grungy, edgy, and a touch melancholic, deriving from the same free-spiritedness and detachment that inspires us to explore and experiment. I chose neutral colours that would echo the dark gravel, tattered clouds, and sharp, winter breeze (it was cold — certainly NOT cropped top weather). I added my own urban flare to it as well, donning platforms, dog tags, and this amazing hand-altered denim jacket by Bowsdontcry, an independent Parisian designer. You can find their stuff at Noir Kennedy on the Rue du Roi de Sicile, should ever you wander there…

railroad fashion shoot, Hayley Evans, Kim Jay

Jacket: Noir Kennedy, by Bowsdontcry | Platform sneakers: Dolls Kill | Socks: Dolls Kill, by UNIF | Tee: Forever 21 | Snapback: Forever 21 | Tights: Ardene | Necklace: Aldo

For this shoot I had the pleasure of working alongside both Kim Jay and makeup artist Alexandra Forman. Alex has a magnetic energy and a charisma that cannot be matched. With her keen eye, she is capable of identifying and highlighting those geographies of the face that make us all uniquely beautiful. And while she’s hard at work, she is always kind, approachable, and has a magnetic sense of humour that will immediately put you at ease. Check out her website, and her Facebook: Alexandra Forman Artistry. I love how she made my eyes look streaked and smudgy — almost as if I’d been rubbing my face with dirt or oil — creating a darkly coy and rugged look that matches the backdrop perfectly.

Alexandra Forman, Hayley Evans, Kim Jay, Style Raven

Alex working her magic.

Alexandra Forman, Hayley Evans, Kim Jay
Alexandra Forman, Hayley Evans, Kim Jay
Alexandra Forman, Hayley Evans, Kim Jay

Till next time,
– Style Raven

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Model and styling: Hayley Evans
Photography: Kim Jay Photography
Makeup: Alexandra Forman Artistry