Tending the Bones

The sun bleeding in the western sky, draining slowly, the nocturnal plain. What ends, what persists. Gathering in sylvan fields, forming constellations with our bodies, trees looming as lost angels do, beseeching the sky. We listen, we wait, parting our lips and extinguishing the lanterns, a shallow breath. As the moon rises she pulls […]

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I’ll make sense when I can, lover, and wander the shores when I can’t, for someone once told me that salt water heals all things. As the tide ebbs I’ll gather the bones and glass left behind, I’ll pluck glimmering pearls from hollowed carrion eyes, I’ll cast silent spells on the wet stones. I […]

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Night Rituals

It’s Halloween, my friends, and the dominion of death has encroached upon that of the living. While I don’t follow any particular organized spirituality, I am deeply intrigued by the concept of liminality — that is, states of transition and ambiguity, as in the space that exists between our conscious lives and the opacity […]

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