Tending the Bones

The sun bleeding in the western sky, draining slowly, the nocturnal plain. What ends, what persists. Gathering in sylvan fields, forming constellations with our bodies, trees looming as lost angels do, beseeching the sky. We listen, we wait, parting our lips and extinguishing the lanterns, a shallow breath. As the moon rises she pulls […]

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I’ll make sense when I can, lover, and wander the shores when I can’t, for someone once told me that salt water heals all things. As the tide ebbs I’ll gather the bones and glass left behind, I’ll pluck glimmering pearls from hollowed carrion eyes, I’ll cast silent spells on the wet stones. I […]

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Growing up with a morbid imagination, I also developed a prolonged fear of the dark. Now it allures me. Darkness is the shape shifter’s elixir — we shed our skins when the night falls, and the world becomes an opaque sphere that hides the eyes but urges the soul. With our senses stimulated and obscurities deepened, we move as our […]

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Onyx at the Acropolis

Crop top: Dolls Kill, by UNIF | Jacket: Helmut Lang | Boots: UNIF Reverb Boots | Earrings: Marina Fini | Shorts: American Apparel | Tights: American Apparel

Split down the centre, flayed open, an illuminated plane encroached by the shadows. Here: the jagged cliffs, there, the rushing sea. Now: the ascending sun, later, the darkness that engulfs everything at once. Contrasts […]

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Shadow Garden

Death, that “sad bone,” that “good night,” our “dream kingdom,” stirring within us “like a barking where there are no dogs” — the poets have named it well. As self-aware and lethal creatures, death haunts and inspires our imaginations, signifying not only finitude and sorrow, but transition and transformation. I have always been fascinated by literatures exploring this […]

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Night Rituals

It’s Halloween, my friends, and the dominion of death has encroached upon that of the living. While I don’t follow any particular organized spirituality, I am deeply intrigued by the concept of liminality — that is, states of transition and ambiguity, as in the space that exists between our conscious lives and the opacity […]

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Shades of Autumn

Well, hello Autumn. Welcome. Your dark dawns and permeating chill remind me that my complicated relationship with Summer is now over. Now, don’t misunderstand me — most of the time I love Summer, with her endless days and fevered nights and quiet, buzzing dawns. But, I must admit, Autumn: I prefer you more. You’re […]

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  • Breeze Photography, D.Lindenlaub Photography, Maitri Handmades, Kate Made Jewelry
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    Designs in Crystal and Brass: Maitri Handmades & Kat Made Jewelry

Designs in Crystal and Brass: Maitri Handmades & Kat Made Jewelry

Designers Bronwyn Hughes (left) and Kat McEvay (right)

It is always exciting to find new local and independent designers who use fashion as an artistic outlet and a means of connecting with others. It’s even more of a honour to be able to collaborate with them, to be given critical insight into their aspirations and […]

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Between the Walls

I love the city. I like the metallic sounds, the acrid smells, the wet things I see rising from muddied cracks in the asphalt. When I moved from small-town Ontario to Japan in 2010, I left the woods of my youth far behind, but I subsequently developed a love for the urban, the oil-slick […]

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♪☄ The Rifflandia Incident ☄♪

I shall preface this blog post with another address to my town and its people: Victoria, you know how to party. For a (relatively) small city, there is no shortage of art and music in Victoria — e.g., last weekend’s Rifflandia Music Festival, during which artists such as The Funk Hunters, Zeds Dead, and […]

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