Onyx at the Acropolis

Crop top: Dolls Kill, by UNIF | Jacket: Helmut Lang | Boots: UNIF Reverb Boots | Earrings: Marina Fini | Shorts: American Apparel | Tights: American Apparel

Split down the centre, flayed open, an illuminated plane encroached by the shadows. Here: the jagged cliffs, there, the rushing sea. Now: the ascending sun, later, the darkness that engulfs everything at once. Contrasts […]

Shadow Garden

Death, that “sad bone,” that “good night,” our “dream kingdom,” stirring within us “like a barking where there are no dogs” — the poets have named it well. As self-aware and lethal creatures, death haunts and inspires our imaginations, signifying not only finitude and sorrow, but transition and transformation. I have always been fascinated by literatures exploring this […]

Night Rituals

It’s Halloween, my friends, and the dominion of death has encroached upon that of the living. While I don’t follow any particular organized spirituality, I am deeply intrigued by the concept of liminality — that is, states of transition and ambiguity, as in the space that exists between our conscious lives and the opacity […]

Shades of Autumn

Well, hello Autumn. Welcome. Your dark dawns and permeating chill remind me that my complicated relationship with Summer is now over. Now, don’t misunderstand me — most of the time I love Summer, with her endless days and fevered nights and quiet, buzzing dawns. But, I must admit, Autumn: I prefer you more. You’re […]

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    Designs in Crystal and Brass: Maitri Handmades & Kat Made Jewelry

Designs in Crystal and Brass: Maitri Handmades & Kat Made Jewelry

Designers Bronwyn Hughes (left) and Kat McEvay (right)

It is always exciting to find new local and independent designers who use fashion as an artistic outlet and a means of connecting with others. It’s even more of a honour to be able to collaborate with them, to be given critical insight into their aspirations and […]

Between the Walls

I love the city. I like the metallic sounds, the acrid smells, the wet things I see rising from muddied cracks in the asphalt. When I moved from small-town Ontario to Japan in 2010, I left the woods of my youth far behind, but I subsequently developed a love for the urban, the oil-slick […]

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♪☄ The Rifflandia Incident ☄♪

I shall preface this blog post with another address to my town and its people: Victoria, you know how to party. For a (relatively) small city, there is no shortage of art and music in Victoria — e.g., last weekend’s Rifflandia Music Festival, during which artists such as The Funk Hunters, Zeds Dead, and […]


Fellow West Coast dreamers, sunsets on Vancouver Island are intoxicating. Arrive over the crest of a hill, look to west, and you are filled with a sublime stillness. Gradually, long creeping shadows emerge from the bases of trees, rocks, and buildings, stippling the earth in cool darkness. This moment always seems suspended in time; […]

Raven’s Notes: Inspiring Artists, pt. 1

In urban mythology, ravens have a reputation for digging around, hoarding any shiny and interesting objects they find. With the raven as my chosen style totem, I can connect to this folk legend, for as a fastidious lurker of independent designers and fashion bloggers around the internet, I have, over the years, done something […]

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Tie or Die

Victoria, you are a fashion blogger’s dream. You, with your seaside horizons, cavernous green forests, and myriad of painted and peeling walls — you make finding backdrops that reflect our cultural and environmental frameworks a cinch. It may have been 8:30 in the morning when Kim and I took these photos, but crop tops […]